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The health, safety, care and comfort of your pet are our primary concerns and purpose. We strive to offer a quality professional service for your pets.

Occasionally, grooming your pet involves certain risks such as expose a hidden medical problem, aggravate current one, clipper irritation or cut skin. This can occur during or after grooming. The risk increases depending upon your pet's conditions such as the following item:

Senior Pets & Pets with Health Problems
Once your pet becomes elderly or infirm they may not accept a lengthy grooming procedure. For their comfort and safety they will be groomed for simple styles.

Fuzzy Pets
Because your pet is severely tangled or matted, it is at greater risk of injury, stress and emotional trauma. Mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions and failure of the hair to re grow. Shaved pets are also prone to sunburn and should either have sun screen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin.

As the owner, you are responsible for the condition of your pet's coat and may not hold Doggie Doos Grooming Salon responsible in the event of adverse effects of mat removal.

Difficulty Dogs
Dogs that show a tendency to bite or jump around may be muzzled or attached to a grooming arm for his safety and mine. Dogs that are uncontrollable will be sent back home and charged for the amount of grooming that has been accomplished.

Veterinary Care
I make every effort to ensure your pet's grooming is pleasant and safe, however, if your pet becomes ill or if the services of a veterinarian are required, you hereby give us permission to obtain treatment if you are not available to do so and you agree to pay such expenses.

Later Pick Up Charge
If you have picked your pet later then the time we give you. The boarding fee will be applied.



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